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Waterford Decanter

Waterford is a well known name in the world of crystal. Waterford Crystal is a manufacturer that designs, creates and markets a wide range of crystal stemware, barware as well as giftware throughout the entire world. The Waterford decanter is among it most popular crystal items today.

Waterford was first established in 1783 in Ireland. It is a company that has a rich history in the town of Waterford. It was founded by two brothers, William and George Penrose, who were the main exporters in the city.

They wanted to create "the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home.", and I personally think they succeeded.

In 2002, the year when they introduced the Listmore patterns of crystal, the Waterford Crystal company has celebrated their 50th anniversary of existence. The name speaks for a fine quality of crystal that is sought after by collectors and wine connoisseurs from all over the world.

Each crystal item, including the Waterford crystal decanter, is watermarked and signed with the world "Waterford".

If you're looking to buy a Waterford crystal decanter, the best place to find your preferred piece is online. The crystal decanter made by this company is maybe one of the most elegant pieces of barware in existence today. If you know somebody who is a wine lover or a decanter collector, adding to their collection a Waterford decanter is one of the best things you can ever do for them!

You can also give it as a wedding gift, an anniversary gift or even a birthday present. This is something that will definitely become a treasured family heirloom for many years ahead.

Waterford has several lines of their crystal decanter, including the Marquis decanter collection, the Lismore wine decanter, the Bolton Magnum decanter, the Robert Mondavi, the John Rocha Lume and the Alana Prestige decanter. Each of them has a unique set of features and characteristics that make it unique and special for any decanter collector.

Marquis Collection includes the famous Marquis large wine decanter in the Sheridan pattern. The vertical wedge cuts radiate from the bottom of the decanter and wedge cuts highlight the top of the stopper.

Waterford Lismore ships decanterThe Lismore collection includes the well known Lismore ships decanter, used previously on many voyages in the old days. The sturdy wide base would keep it from tipping and rolling around the Captain's table. Elegant design with the Lismore pattern.

The Waterford Lismore Nouveau Decanting Carafe is another very popular piece which is perfect for serving and decanting the wine of your choice. It has straight and wedged cuts and it is the perfect gift for weddings or to give to any wine lover. The shape of the decanting carafe allows for perfect aerating of the wine prior to pouring or serving. This truly enhances equally red and white wines as well.

The shape of the decanter enables the flavor to fully develop so that it is greatly enjoyed while drinking. The long, slender neck enables the wine to run unreservedly down the sides, while the flared base permits air exposure to a larger surface area of wine.

The Waterford John Rocha Lume Decanter is another great piece in the Waterford decanter collection. It features a clean and soft crystal shape that is lightly decorated with the well known Waterford diamond cutting that is so popular among the lovers of Waterford crystal.

The Robert Mondavi decanter has a tower shape that is drawing its shape from the iconic tower that dominates the landscape at the Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley. It is an all purpose decanter that can easily be used for wines or whiskey. It has a matching decanter stopper and it's perfect for everyday use.

The Bolton Magnum decanter is a truly exceptional piece crafted by with striking strokes on the decanter shape. It has the familiar Georgian-style columns, arches and stonework, indicative of the historical architecture found on Grafton Street, which are reflected in the flat panel cuts predominant in the Bolton collection.


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