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  • Antique decanters are always in demand by avid collectors. Used for thousands of years, decanters come in different shapes, sizes and design, and played a very important role at meal times particularly during the medieval era.

  • The Baccarat crystal decanter is a well known crystal decanter brand that is sold all over the internet. If you are a crystal decanter collector, you ought to have one of these, they are that popular (and expensive).

  • Bohemia crystal decanter is made by the famous company Bohemian Glasswords in Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia). Read this article to learn more about each Bohemian crystal decanter set and where to get them at the cheapest price.

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  • Crystal decanter classifications cover a spectrum of uses other than wine and vary enormously in shape and size.

  • Discover the many uses of a crystal decanter and find the best brands and places where to buy them.

  • Unless you're a real wine connoisseur, you won't know the difference between a crystal decanter or a wine aerator and this article will attempt to guide you through the maze of all this wine geek terminology.

  • A crystal decanter set is the perfect gift to give somebody for any occasion. However there are many things you need to take into account here, as giving a decanter set as a gift is not something like giving a book or some flowers.

  • The crystal whiskey decanter makes a perfect barware gift for that special occasion for birthdays, retirement or even weddings.

  • Crystal wine goblets bring out the sparkle and beautiful taste of any wine. Read this article to learn how to differentiate real crystal wine goblets from fake, regular glasses.

  • The decanter drying stand, also called a decanter drying rack, is extremely useful if you like to enjoy your wine without any sediments by using a crystal decanter. Read this article to discover which is the best for your type of decanter

  • The decanter stopper is just one of the main crystal decanter accessories available on the market today. Find out how people use it and what to do if your decanter stopper is stuck!

  • The art of decanting wine has been carried out for hundreds of years, and in that time many lessons have been learned.

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  • First of all, why a Gemini wine decanter? Drinking wine is a part of most social gatherings, even for those small get-together with friends and loved ones. Thus, it is very much important to make sure that wines taste their best.

  • Godinger Crystal is a well known name when it comes to their crystal glassware, including decanters. Read this article to learn more.

  • The hand blown decanter is a special type of wine decanter that is used nowadays by craftsmen and artisants. Read this article to learn more aobut this amazing lost art.

  • The history of decanters goes back thousands of years and originally they were mostly made of bronze, silver, gold or earthenware.

  • Have you tried cleaning your crystal decanter and were still left with the sediments at the bottom or with a cloudy decanter? Read this article to learn how to properly clean a crystal decanter to be sparkly clean.

  • Lalique decanter for sale! Best prices for this gorgeous decanter!

  • After centuries of using lead crystal decanters to adorn and enhance the dining table, it has now been discovered that lead can leach into liquids stored in these decanters contaminating them and causing health issues.

  • The Miller Rogaska decanter is made by the famous Reed & Barton company, who is in business since 1824. Click here to find their best crystal decanters

  • The Nachtmann Vivendi wine decanter is perfect as an any dining companion where wine is consumed. Matching it together with your other Vivendi stemmware, you will be able to offer your guests an entirely elegant crystal decanter set for serving wine.

  • Read this article to learn why a Nambe crystal decaner is such an exceptional decanter for any occasion. Also learn where to get the best deals.

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  • The Peugeot Prestige duck decanter draws its interesting name from the shape of the decanter in the form of a duck. If you've never really seen it life yet, it's an experience that will leave you with a smile on your face the first time you actually see it.

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  • The red wine decanters are very popular with wine drinkers who have long realized their usefulness in decanting their wine to enhance the flavor and taste of the red wine as well as remove any sediments and deposits from it.

  • The Riedel crystal decanter originates from the well known Austrian company, Riedel. Click here to find their best crystal decanters

  • The Rojaus wine decanter is quite different from similar decanters available today. What really separates it from the rest is the 'wine bubble'. Read this article to learn more about the uniqueness of this decanter

  • If you're looking to buy a Waterford crystal decanter, the best place to find your preferred piece is online. Read this article to learn more about the uniqueness of this amazing decanter

  • The art of decanting wine has been carried out for hundreds of years, and in that time many lessons have been learned.