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Rojaus Wine Decanter Review

Why a review on the RoJaus Wine Decanter?

RoJaus Gemini wine decanter

So how come I'm doing a review of the RoJaus wine decanter? Well, both me and my husband are wine lovers, however my husband is also an avid collector of expensive wine bottles, crystal decanters and wine glasses. He has them all displayed on a credenza in the living room and I swear at times I feel like I've just entered a museum when I go in there.

Having learned so much about wine (particularly red wine), crystal decanters, the art of decanting, and basically what makes a good vessel for pouring wines into glasses to and from, I've decided to put that knowledge to good use and review some of the decanters we either already have at home, or my husband intends to buy eventually.

My hubby's latest aquisition of crystal decanter is the Gemini RoJaus Wine Decanter. This is a crystal decanter that I have to say, I got impressed with. It is a bit different from other decanter types not only in the way it looks but also in the way it pours the wine into glasses. If you have never decanted wine before, and your first crystal decanter is a Rojaus, I promise you, you will get an avid collector, just like my husband :)

So what sets apart the Rojaus wine decanter from any other similar decanter?

Perfect for decanting your wine

Aside from its collectible factor, one of the main reasons for buying a decanter is for its decanting properties. With this piece, decanting is a truly different experience.

The Rojaus wine decanter has an improved functionality over other decanters and this allows everyone to enjoy their wine much easier. No need to wait for the host to pour the wine in the glass. All the guest needs to do is go to the decanter with the empty glass and with a simple nudge fill the glass with the ruby red drink or the chilled white wine as many times as they wish.

glass bubbleWhat really separates it from the rest is the 'wine bubble' that the decanter features, which is a round piece of glass that is sitting on top of the decanter. By having the glass bubble inside the decanter, the even distribution of the wine over the surface of the glass when poured from a bottle allows the full wine color and bouquet exposing to the surrounding area. This process speeds up the decanting wine process.


It does look different

I have to say, this piece is very sleek, elegant and truly beautiful. It almost looks like an item that has been mistakenly sent back in time to us. It has a very sleek and shiny form and set of features with a graceful geometric shape. The stand material is stainless steel which makes it as durable as a decanter will ever be.

It is truly popular

This crystal decanter has been already featured in inTouch magazine and the Today show, along with being featured on HGTV's "I want that" program.

But is it effective?

Basically the glass bubble is resting on the top of a very fine wire mesh filter. This filter is critical to separating the sediments from the wine, trapping the sediments inside the mesh while freely allowing the wine to pass through in the decanter. This has also another benefit: it allows the entire wine to really get into contact with air allowing it to breath, which has the effect of wine aerating at the same time while it easily dispenses wine as well. And we know how crucial the process of aeration is to bring out the wine flavor and aroma to the surface for enjoyment.

stainless steel nozzleWhen the whole wine has been poured into the decanter, it is very easy to fill in a glass for drinking. All you need to do is touch lightly the stainless steel nozzle with your wine glass to activate it. The Rojas nozzle easily dispenses wine in the glasses as it lets the wine pass through the bottom part of the decanter ready to fill the glass with the precious wine.

Just imagine not having to actually hold the decanter while pouring the red or white wine into the glass. All you need is pour the wine into the decanter from the top, and then hold your glass at the bottom of the decanter and touch lightly the nozzle to open the hole that will release the wine into your wine glass. This will keep other hand free of holding any servings that you already have in your hands such as cookies or sandwiches.

Why don't you watch this video that shows you exactly why this decanter is unique and why it will really make any lifeless wine into an extraordinary drink!

How much does it cost and where can I buy it?

It is really not expesive considering that it has an improved functionality over other decanters and my husband has some really expensive pieces in his collection. Currently it's at around $173 at Amazon. I scoured various online shops for price comparisons, and I found that they have the best price around at the moment. Click here to check out their current prices.


For your convenience, below I have added a couple of other Rojaus wine decanters that are popular at Amazon, listing also the current prices. Do make sure to click through the merchant to ensure that you get the actual price. Even Amazon is known to have their prices fluctuate from one month to the other.