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Peugeot Prestige Duck Decanter

The Peugeot Prestige duck decanter draws its interesting name from the shape of the decanter in the form of a duck. If you've never really seen it life yet, it's an experience that will leave you with a smile on your face the first time you actually see it.

Except for being a classy product, it is also darn cute, reminding you of a duck ready to take off flying at any moment.

Peugeot Prestige duck decanterThe Peugeot Prestige Duck Decanter is made of hand-blown lead free glass using lampworking techniques to create it. It has a shiny pewter neck and handle and it is mostly used for decanting younger red wines. It has a very specific tilted shape that keeps the air in contact with the wine surface while pouring, which increases and intesifies the wine aroma.

It is also true that this particular duck shape makes it very easy to actually pour the wine in glasses and reduces, if not eliminiates alltogether the risk of wine dripping from the decanter during serving.

The measurements of the Peugeot Prestige Duck Decanter are 6-3/4 inches tall with a capacity of 25 oz, which is perfect for a regular size 750ml wine bottle.

One of the reasons why this decanter is perfect for young wines is because it is well known that younger wines greatly benefit from decanting.

They contain oxygen that had hardly any time to take effect, so the air in the decanter will rapidly change. This is why when you drink a young wine served from a Prestiget duck decanter you will effectively get to enjoy the wine aroma and bouquet twice from the wine.

To pour the wine from the decanter you need to go slow to allow the wine to fully open its bouquet in the glass. Use a steady hand in pouring the wine continuously until the wine is all poured. Do not rush the process, to allow the aroma and bouquet to fully materialize in the glass.

Price: $160.00 $155.99

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