crystal decanter 

Nambe Crystal Decanter

Nambe (pronounced na:m'bei) is a name with history in the world of barware, stemware and tableware. It was originally established in 1953 and was named after an ancient village close to Santa Fe. From its humble start, Nambe has come to be a major international company recognized all over the world for its quality set of products and its artistic integrity. Nambe has products made of two main materials: alloy and crystal.

The Nambe crystal decanter is just one of the very elegant and traditional products they have successfully designed and are continuously improving on the market.

Nambe products have been exhibited all over the world, including in New York, Washington, Prague, The Netherlands, London, San Diego, Korea, Taiwan and Tokyo.

Due to their truly excellent products that the company keeps on maintaining throughout the years, Nambe has received several awards including The International Design Yearbook, Gold Star Gallery Award and the famous 2008 ADEX Gold Award for Design Excellence.

Nambe crystal has been first introduced in the Nambe range of products in 1998. The crystal decanter products are all full-lead and they are mouth blown and hand cut just the way the original European glassblowers used to do it. They are making great gifts and collections for people with a taste in wine crystal decanters.