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Nachtmann Vivendi Wine Decanter

The Nachtmann Vivendi wine decanter is perfect as an any dining companion where wine is consumed. Matching it together with your other Vivendi stemmware, you will be able to offer your guests an entirely elegant crystal decanter set for serving wine.

Made by well known Riedel, who also made the Riedel crystal decanter, the Nachtmann glass factory's plant is in Weiden, German, and it produces barware of a high quality that is appreciated all over the world.

While this decanter lack somewhat the sophistication of other similar decanters by various producers, it is a classic piece that will appeal to the lovers of crystal and red wine.

It is very functional which easily decants your wine by exposing it to a larger surface area and oxygen due to its wider bottom. This allows the bouquet to fully develop so you can enjoy a quality wine the way it is ment to be enjoyed: with gusto.

Nacthmann Vivendi wine decanterThe rounded shape is also responsible for a much better pour of the wine in glasses without any spillings. However if you are looking for a decorative decanter that suits more to gift giving than to your personal use, you might be better off looking at the one of the other Rieded crystal decanter types.

Here are the technical details of this crystal decanter:

  • Nachtmann Brand designed and produced by Riedel Glassworks
  • Unique platinum finishing process adds durability and a brilliant shine
  • Classic, elegant European design
  • Mix and match with additional Nachtmann Vivendi stems for a matching set
  • 750 ml. capacity of the Nacthmann Vivendi wine decanter for one standard bottle of wine

Price: $67.00 $45.00

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