crystal decanter 

Lalique Decanter

The Lalique decanter has an interesting history. Rene Lalique, a glass maker and also art nouveau jewelry designer, was born in France in 1862 and died in 1945. He is well known for his many design pieces including jewelry, chadeliers, vases, perfume bottles, clocks, crystal decanters and also car hood ornaments. He is well known for his art deco style of works. He founded the Lalique firm which is still active even today.

The company nowadays is also known for making religious figurines, elegant and expensive stemware, champagne flutes, also black crystal, and various other barware such as crystal decanter types and glasses.

Lalique has a design studio in Paris where many of the rather rare and interesting decanters, such as the famous Macallan in Lalique Cire Perdue Decanter are designed. This particular decanter has been designed based on a ship's decanter of the 1820's, the very decade in which The Mallacan was actually founded.

This decanter is holding possibly the oldest and rarest Malacan whiskey, a 64 year old vintage. The vessel has been created using the 'lost wax' process, which is a very old technique (approximately 1,000 years old) that allows pieces to be cast in bronze.

The Lalique Tianlong Decanter is from the China Mood collection. The Lalique artisants use a blown crystal technique. The decanter stopper is carved entirely by hand. The stopper is adorned with a gorgeous dragon that shows swirls, movements and luminosity at all times.

The Royal stemware is made of a wine glass, a water glass, a champagne flute and a crystal decanter. This is another elegant piece made by Lalique.