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Gemini Wine Decanter

First of all, why a Gemini wine decanter? Drinking wine is a part of most social gatherings, even for those small get-together with friends and loved ones. Thus, it is very much important to make sure that wines taste their best. Decanting is one of the ways to bring out the best taste of any wine. You can make this possible using a Gemini wine decanter.

RoJaus Gemini wine decanterThere are several reasons wines should be decanted. First, is to let the sediments remain in the bottle.

Doing so will prevent the wine to taste bitter or similar to an astringent because of the sediments which could be present in old wines. Second is to allow the release of the wine's aroma (allow it to breathe) and to add beauty to the table where the wine is being served.

Young wines, or white wines need not be decanted, although the taste of young red wines could be enhanced by decantation. Decantation is for older wines which has accumulated sediments due to several ingredients.

Those sediments are responsible for the not-so-nice taste in wines. Using a Gemini wine decanter will make any red wines, young or old taste even better while adding an accent to the dining table. Since a Gemini wine decanter has a design that suit both the classy and the modern, it would be ideal for any gatherings, whether it is a house party, a social event, or even just a simple bonding with the family.

Unlike other overly decorated wine decanters, a Gemini wine decanter does not obstruct the wine. Anyone who plans to decant their wines using a RoJaus wine decanter will see how the process is going on - crystal clear. However, those would not beat a simply and beautifully designed Gemini decanter. Its geometrical accent surpasses any design of other wine decanters in the market.

There are many ways on how to drink and serve wine with sophistication - and one of the ways is to place it in a decanter. Nowadays, a wide variety of decanters are sold in the market, but not all offer that mix of modern and classy yet stylish look like the RoJaus Gemini wine decanter does.

It measures 24 inches high and 13 inches wide. Plus, it has a steel stand, and a stainless finished look that brings its sleek and attractive design - not to mention, all the geometrical accent it has. This wine decanter also has an aerating system that brings out the best aroma of every wine placed into it.

Gemini wine decanterThe Gemini wine decanter serves wine in a unique manner compared to other decanters available in the market. Unlike other decanters with a design similar to that of a cylinder, a Gemini wine decanter has a very sleek shape and design that every one will surely love. When wine is poured into it, it is exposed to oxygen as it is being wrapped around the "wine bubble". Such action will allow the wine to breathe and release its aroma.

Added to that, the decanter also has maximum functionality. The "wine bubble" which is filled with water, could be used to chill white wines when frozen, thus serving another purpose. Once the content inside is completely decanted, it is ready for serving. Just put a wine glass to the nozzle and push the lever with the rim of the glass. It's as easy as getting water on the dispenser.

This product is great for social gatherings, or even when having a party at home. The Gemini wine decanter does not only serve wine, but also makes a very good accent to any home. It will surely bring a very sophisticated, yet modern ambiance to every social occasion.

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