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Decanter Stopper As A Great Crystal Decanter Accessory

The decanter stopper is just one of the main crystal decanter accessories available on the market today. Decanting wine is an interesting process that not only splits the clear wine from the sediments but also allows it through the process of wine aeration to mix with the oxygen for proper breathing.

There are various cookware and tableware that are great decanter accessories. From the decanter cleaning kit such as the Riedel bottle cleaner beads and cleaning brushes, to the crystal wine goblets, the wine aerator, decanter funnel, decanter drying stand or the wine racks, and finally the decanter stopper, they all work together in bringing out the best taste, smell and aroma in your wine.

glass decanter stopperThe decanter stopper has various functions in relation to your wine. First of all, it stops wine from spilling from the decanter. Also it makes it easier to store the leftover wine for the next day, just as if you stored it in a wine bottle. This way it allows you to seal the decanter and store the wine until later on. Check out the wine decanter glass stopper by Wine Enthusiast by clicking on the image on the right.

Last but not least, when you are decanting wine, this process needs some time, after which the air flow has to be cut off from the wine to not spoil the taste and aroma. Once the wine has fully matured in the decanter, by adding the stopper on it, there is no longer any interaction between the wine and the oxygen, so the red wine is now safe from extra damaging oxygenation and contains that would otherwise enter the decanter.

crystal decanter stopperThere are many types of decanter stoppers available today, and one of the most popular one is the ball stopper, such as the Ravenscroft piece on the image to the left. The decanter ball is made of solid glass that has a flattened base. All you need is place it on top of your decanter to cut off the air flow to your wine.

It is interesting to note that some decanters are coming with their own stoppers, while for others you need to buy them separately. Luckily they are not all that expensive and you can easily buy 2-3 in one go to have enough should anything happen to them.

Afterall they're made of Murano glass decanter stoppercrystal or glass mostly. While you can also get stoppers made of plastic or cork with a metal top, the glass and crystal ones are the most durable, and most sought after by all wine connoisseurs. Cork is not durable at all and people find the plastic one tacky. If you are looking for glass stoppers, the most common one is made of the well known Murano glass.

Of course you can also find antique stoppers and handmade ones in various shapes for a great and unique design, such as an iron cross or the shape of a bird. The price is a bit higher, however it is well worth it if you are a collector.

One of the problems people seem to have from time to time is how to remove a stuck decanter stopper. While it is a rather seldom occurrence, it does happen from time to time to a few unlucky ones. The main reason for this is the fact that when you wash your crystal decanter, it tends to expand a bit so it creates a vacuum inside the bottle that is not easily removed. So here is the most commonly used procedure on removing a decanter stopper that has been stuck to a crystal decanter, or a glass one, and doesn't want to come off.

  • Avoid forcing the stopper out of the decanter as this might have dire consequences to your vessel.
  • Add just a few drops of regular oil (cooking oil) to the edge of your stopper
  • Make sure that the decanter is in a rather warm place like in a kitchen during cooking, or even on the balcony when the sun is shining directly on it.
  • Use a wooden spoon to slowly and gently tap the sides of the decanter close to the decanter stopper area. Give it a few taps, then turn the decanter and then give it a few more taps and you will see that the stopper is coming loose with ease.
  • Remove the oil by following these steps on how to clean a crystal decanter.

Another way to do it is by following the principle saying that the decanter shrinks and expands due to heat and cold. So you can simply take your decanter and place it under some warm water for a few minutes. This process allows it to expand enough for the stopper to come off easily.

Maybe the most important tip you should take away from this is to not put crystal decanter stoppers on the decanter right after washing. Wait until the vessel has cooled down a bit and only then close it with a decanter stopper.