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Decanter Drying Stand

The decanter drying stand, also called a decanter drying rack, is extremely useful if you like to enjoy your wine without any sediments by using a crystal decanter. It is usually made of a lightweight stainless steel material that has a rubber coating around it to protect the decanter from any scratches.

While the main purpose of the decanter drainer is to dry your crystal glassware, it is also very useful for holding the crystal decanter, protecting it and showing it off or displaying it properly. When it comes to drying, it is realy the best way to keep condensation from forming on the inside after cleaning a crystal decanter. Your glassware will air dry without any spots and be ready for the next bottle of wine. It is truly the best thing to keep your decanter on since it is well known that you can't add crystal to the dishwasher.

Here are some of the most popular decanter drying stands at Amazon that are great in functionality and price. The last one is my personal favorite.

decanter drying standDecanter Drying Stand Plus by Wine Enthusiasts - This is a very popular drying rack in stainless steel. Quite lightweight, it has a rubber coating around the holder to protect the crystal from any scratches. It dries your decanter, guards against scratching and double as a decanter rack.

Hardly visible it doesn't stand out, but blends in nicely with the ambient. You can hold the decanter either upside down for faster dry ing or at an angle which has the benefit of allowing the water to simply drain down the side instead of getting stuck to the convex bottom. Cleaning your crystal decanter has never been easier.

 Price: $26.90 $19.99

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decanter drying standDecanter Drying Stand by  Better Products Online - Another beautiful decanter stand for drying that is quite popular at Amazon. It has a nice shape that keeps your decanter strongly in place.

Also an additional benefit of this particular piece is its unbeatable cheap price. Drying your crystal decanter can't get any cheaper than that!

 Price: $7.98 $7.98

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Cilio decanter drying rackCilio Decanter Drying Rack by Frieling - It not only keeps decanters upside down for drying, but also slender vases, plastic bags and anything else that needs a good drying and doesn't go well in the dishwasher. It is made from stainless steel and it has a mirror finish that gives it a nice look. The usual rubber foot protects the glass and crystal from accidental scratches. It has a simple design which is quite effective at what it does. Some people say that it's a bit small in size,  however you can be sure that the decanter will sit perfectly safe and secure on it without toppling over. This is another favorite at Amazon.

 Price: $17.50 $14.88

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Peugeot Revolution Decanter StandPeugeot Revolution Decanter Stand by Peugeot- Here is a personal favorite of mine from Peugeot. I have at home almost the entire range of Peugeot glassware, including the Peugeot Prestige duck decanter, the decanting funnel and the wine corkscrew, and I am really pleased with the quality of these products. Peugeot has products that are not as expensive as some other similar ones on the market, and one can easily afford them.

Just one point I have to mention here, in all honestly. If you have the Peugeot duck decanter, don't try to use it with this rack as it will not fit (learned it the hard way). However as I have also another 2 decanters at home, I don't mind having a couple of decanter racks and holders, and for the price, I definitely can't complain.

Price: $20.00 $11.99

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