crystal decanter 

Crystal Wine Goblets

When I think of crystal wine goblets I always have an image of various historical religious ceremonies in front of my inner eyes. Crystal goblets have been used since the early 1300s and goblets made of gold and sterling silver have an even longer religious history. Earlier on they where also known as a 'chalice' or 'kiddush', due to teir strong religious symbolism.

Today, however, crystal goblets and that of gold and silver are no longer used for religious purposes. Particularly goblets made of crystal are used at wedding ceremonies where the bride and groom toast their guests with them. For one, they enhance greatly the decor of the weeding ceremony, and they are also used as a status symbol during the wedding. There is practically no wedding without a couple of crystal or silver goblets on the dinner table.

crystal wine gobletsWhile history has seen goblets of all three materials, gold goblets are no longer used regularly due to gold being so expensive nowadays. Sterling silver is commonly given as gifts, however for the purpose of actually enjoying the red wine from a goblet, those made of crystal are the best and mostly used on all such occasions. Crystal does make a lovely setting on a decorated table and since it is a material that is also used for other items that can be placed on the table, such as the crystal decanter, it is quite common to find it during various dinner celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays and so on.

One of the reasons why people like having wine goblets of crystal for drinking red wine is because crystal is transparent and the beautiful dark red color of the wine shows extremely well through it. The wine color is really best noticed when it is shown through a crystal glass.

Another reason for real wine connoisseurs is the taste of wine that gets refined when it is drank from a goblet. When wine reaches the various taste buds in our mouth, it really changes what taste we feel. When you use a wider rimmed goblet, you are sipping the wine without moving your head, while when drinking from a narrower glass you tilt your head a bit back so where the wine touches your taste buds is in a different place.

An important aspect of buying a set of crystal wine goblets is getting the real deal. Basically you want to make sure that what you're buying is real crystal as opposed to simple wine glass.

Here are a few tests that you can do to check the genuine crystal against the dull glass

  • Have a regular glass with you. Now pick up both in one hand each. Crystal should be heavier than the regular glass. The reason is because crystal is a mix of glass and lead. Lead is added to it to give it that beautiful shine and quality that only real crystal has.
  • Hold up both pieces against the light. The crystal should refract the light back into a rainbow, while the light will simply pass through the regular glass without any color. This is again a property of the lead that is present in the crystal. This particular property makes it a beloved material in chandeliers and other lamps and light fixtures for the home.
  • Flick your finger very lightly against the surface of the regular glass and listen to the sound. It is a dull, short, boring sound. Now do the same with the crystal glass or goblet. It should have a nice vibration to it, a nice ring that will differentiate it instantly from the boring glass.