crystal decanter 

Crystal Whiskey Decanter

The crystal whiskey decanter makes a perfect barware gift for that special occasion for birthdays, retirement or even weddings. Not to mention the fact that decanter collectors will love owning a crystal decanter specially made for whiskey. Also when it comes to serving whiskey from a beautiful crafted decanter can easily make you the most popular home bartender around the neighborhood.

However what exactly is a crystal whiskey decanter? It is a container made of crystal that allows storing and serving whiskey. When you pour wine from the bottle, you need a crystal decanter for the wine sediments to stay put. However, whiskey doesn't have sediments, so this purpose is eliminated when it comes to serving whiskey. The two main functions of a crystal whiskey decanter are storage and decoration.

Not only that but it has been shown that a whiskey decanter can make a person feel that the whiskey served through such a beautiful decanter tastes better than one poured straight from the bottle. Hence the decanter has also a psychological purpose to it.

crystal whiskey decanterAs whiskey is quite an expensive drink, it should be stored and poured from a quality whiskey decanter which is elegant, sophisticated and expensive looking. Each alcoholic drink needs to be served from the right type of decanter and poured into the right type of glass. Sometimes this can really make the difference between a good quality and a mediocre drink, at least in the eyes of the consumer.

You can find crystal whiskey decanters in many different designs and styles that will be sure to please everyone who enjoys the finer qualities of life. However only when choosing the best one will complement your scotch the right way, at least this is what real drink connoisseurs say.

This is because the actual whiskey decanter, also called a scotch decanter, needs to really appeal to all the senses of the drinker, and it needs to really look the part. Imagine drinking whiskey from a plastic cup and being poured from a bland looking bottle.

I'm pretty sure you might not enjoy the taste of this exquisite drink as much as when it is poured in your crystal glass from a high quality whiskey crystal decanter. This will make you enjoy the drink much more, right until the last drop. You will enjoy the aroma of your drink and you will have a truly mystical experience while drinking your beverage of choice.

If you know somehow who collects decanters or at least is a true whiskey lover, an engraved or personalized whiskey decanter set is one of the best gifts you can even give for their birthday. You can easily find decanters both in modern and contemporary or in traditional and even antique decanters. If you don't have one at home, you should go out (or online) and buy a crystal whiskey decanter so you can impress your guests when you next hold a party or you have a dinner where your friends or family is invited and whiskey is part of the menu.