crystal decanter 

Crystal Decanter Set

A crystal decanter set is the perfect gift to give somebody for any occasion. However there are many things you need to take into account here, as giving a decanter set as a gift is not something like giving a book or some flowers.

There are many aspects to crystal decanter sets that one needs to be familiar prior to actually purchasing it as a gift to give.

First of all, you need to know what type of drink you will want the receiver to use it for. There are decanters for several types of drinks, so you can find: 

  • Crystal wine decanter set
  • Crystal whiskey decanter set
  • Crystal scotch decanter set
  • Crystal brandy decanter set
  • Crystal liquor decanter set

crystal decanter setThese are just the most common ones that you will find at the local dealer or on the internet. The most common one is the wine decanter. You need to know what type of alcohol does the gift receiver drink. Are they more of a wine drinker, or maybe is a she and prefers liquors, or strong scotch or whiskey is more their thing?

If they prefer wine, they will be happy to receiver a crystal wine decanter set. Having a wine decanter in the wine bar space is a beautiful and tasty addition to any living room. Also serving wine from it is something that really shows good taste and excellence.

When it comes to whiskey, scotch or liquor, you can have some really great decanter sets. Some are even personalized and engraved, for a more unique touch. Of course the more the customization on the set, the higher their price. But for a dear friend or a loved one, nothing is too expensive in gift giving. Personalized crystal decanter sets are available between $100-$150, but of course depending on where you find them, you can get them cheaper or even more expensive.

Another important aspect is the number of glasses the decanter set comes with. Of course you can only buy the crystal decanter without any glasses, but not if you're going go for an entire set. You can get these days decanters with 2 glasses up to 6 glasses and you also get a stopper for the decanter.

Many times you can get at additional price a matching tilt stemware and other barware. If you want something unique and precious, go for handcrafted and old-fashioned, antique decanters. Many have been crafted by skilled and knowledgeable European craftsmen of full-lead crystal, and their elegance is truly unmatched.

From the more exquisite sets maybe the Nambe tilt decanter set is one that should have a separate introduction. It comes with a stopper and with two old-fashioned glasses. The price is just short of $200 at Amazon, but what a gift to be given this is.

This is truly a great gift for anyone who drinks bourbon and other alcohol types. The set is already packed in gift boxes for giving away, so you don't have to do any packing of your own. Just as a side note, Nambe is a locality in Mexico and it is famous for its quality glassware, sand-cast metalware and porcelain tableware.