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Crystal Decanter Classifications

The most common types of decanters are wine decanters. They add a touch of elegance to any dining table, and not only make the wine taste better, but also allow your guests to help themselves.

Crystal decanter classifications cover a spectrum of uses other than wine and vary enormously in shape and size.

Lead crystal decanters are enormously popular although they are no longer recommended as they’re considered to be a health hazard. Created by adding lead oxide to the molten glass it produces a more sparkling effect than regular glass.

Crystal glass decanters made from lead free glass are considered to be far more acceptable. Many are decorated with sterling silver collars, bases and stoppers which add to their beauty and quality of design.

Apart from wine, these decanters are used to store scotch, brandy and many other spirits, particularly as they can remain in the decanter for a long period of time without a problem of contamination.

Decanters come in various shapes and sizes.

Wide based decanters which originate from a traditional ship’s table decanter have since had variations on this theme, and offer an avid collector the opportunity to build up his collection all based on the original theme.

Duck decanters have elongated necks, this allows for maximum breathing space, and makes the wine easier to pour. It is a beautiful design, and is often decorated with a silver handle which adds to it’s attractiveness.

Tall slim decanters often have elegant eye catching designs, and some have the most beautifully designed and decorated stoppers. Liquor decanters are usually much heavier and of a more solid design than wine decanters. Barrel decanters and oval shaped decanters are useful for displaying spirits, and when placed on a bar or serving area, can add an interesting addition to a room.

wine crystal decanterThere is no doubt that a beautiful crystal glass decanter can make a dining table look extremely inviting, and it’s a pity that in today’s world this custom has somewhat diminished.

Glass has been used for centuries to decorate homes, but crystal is a much more recent addition to home decor and is still growing in popularity. Crystal items can be quite expensive, especially if they are antique. Remember also that crystal is prone to scratches so extra care is necessary when washing.

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Collectors of wine and spirits decanters have a vast range of beautiful objects to choose from. They also have the added benefits of a commodity that serves a useful purpose. If the decanter of their choice also has a well known name etched on it then there collection will certainly increase in value.

If you’re a connoisseur of fine wine and dining you will undoubtedly want to add a crystal decanter and possibly matching wine glasses to your table. The choice can be overwhelming unless you have a very specific design in mind. Crystal decanter classifications make it easy to decide which decanter would go best for the particular evening you have in mind, and will also be a subject for discussion during the course of the evening.