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Bohemia Crystal Decanter

Bohemia crystal decanter is made by the famous company Bohemian Glasswords in Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia). The Bohemia brand is well known all over the world for their quality crystal glassware products which started back in the 11th Century. They create both modern and inspiring designs but also traditional styles that have been popular many years ago and still are very loved by people from all over the world. 

Bohemian Glasswords is supplying customers all over the world, including Europe, North and Latin America, Australia, Asia and South Africa. The Bohemia lead crystal decanter is well known for its luxurious styles that are exclusively manufactured in Bohemia.

Other crystal products except decanters that this factory creates are engraved glass, cut glass, blown glass, historic glass, enamel and decorated glass, mirrors, paperweights, various corporate gifts and several others. Each items is a unique piece coming from the factory in Czech Republic and no matter the country you are buying it in the world, you can still be assured that it has been created in Czech.

Bohemia Crystal certificateBohemian Glassworks warns buyers to make sure that they are getting the original with these words:

Beware of the counterfeits! The original product of Bohemian Glassworks is always fitted with the certificate of originality, registered trademark logo and product description. In some cases the company logo and number of an item (limited series) is to be found on the bottom side.

So when you are buying your Bohemia crystal decanter set, check first that you can easily find the trademarks that separate it from any faux and knock-off pieces.