crystal decanter 

Baccarat Crystal Decanter

The Baccarat crystal decanter is a well known brand that is sold all over the internet. If you are a crystal decanter collector, you ought to have one of these, they are that popular (and expensive).

Also they are very popular at the many online auction ssets, including Ebay and Liveauctioneers. The bidding for a simple Baccarat decanter with stright up lines starts from $70 and more. However some of them have a pice as high as $6000 or even more. Of course the designs of the more expensive ones are really one of a kind, or at leat very, very special.

Baccarat is a company that is well know for its unique expertise and bold creativity in the making of fine crystal (

Some decanters are actually considered rare and I've seen one surrounded by a set of 6 gorgeous little glasses in a secret book case. The book case alone must cost a small fortune. These kinds of pieces are really, as they say, for the person who already has everything.

The Baccarat decanter and pitcher range is truly one that any fine drink connoisseur will know to appreciate, and maybe even own. What what are the joys of life without something as exclusive and beautiful as a Baccarat crystal decanter?