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Antique Decanters and Collectible Decanters

Antique decanters are always in demand by avid collectors. Used for thousands of years, decanters come in different shapes, sizes and design, and played a very important role at meal times particularly during the medieval era.

The antique crystal decanters have a couple of special characteristics that differentiate them from other similar pieces of glassware, barware and tableware. However let's see first what makes a decanter unique in the first place.

A decanter is used in a few ways: to decant the wine, which means that it will separate the sediments from the clean wine, to store it for later use and to pour the drink into glasses. We could also add a third use for it through the process or aeration, whereby the wine is mixed with the air, letting the oxygen bring out the best taste, smell and aroma in the wine before serving to guests.

When we look at the pouring aspect of it, many people are also calling it a serving container or even a carafe. However in the strictest sense of the word, it is incorrect. The reason is because a decanter has a stopper, while the carafe and the serving contaner have not. If your glass or crystal piece has no stopper whatsoever, it is merely a carafe for pouring wine. This is due to its second use related to storing your drink for later. You simply can't store wine, or whiskey for the matter, if you can't close the vessel with something to stop the airflow to the surface of the drink.

When it comes to an antique decanters, there is even more to take into consideration when we want to determine whether it is what it claims to be: an antique glass decanter or an antique crystal decanter.

First of all you need to determine that it is indeed a decanter based on the tips above. Once that is out of the way, you need to somehow check for it being a genuine antique. But what makes something antique? The most obvious answer is its age. Glass and crystal decanters were very popular in the 18th and 19th century, and many of these pieces have been handed down from generation to generation, so there are currently lots of owners of such genuine, antique glassware pieces. So the antique crystal decanter set needs to be old, more than a couple of years old, to quality.

antique decanterAntique decanters usually cost much more than regular modern decanters. Partly due to age, also due to the fact that they are so old and vintage, and also because there might be a scarcity in finding them. Some pieces are actually unique items never to be found again. So if you happen to have such a piece in your collection, you'd better take well care of it, as once it's broken or chipped, you might not be able to restore it ever again. Check out the antique decanter in the image of the left and guess its price. Then click on the image to see the actuall price. Did you even come close? :)

There are many people who are trying to pass a fake, or a faux piece as a true vintage piece. You can buy vintage antique decanters or an antique lead crystal decanter at antique stores, however you need to make sure that the owner is a reputable person with a genuine love for what he's doing. Also his pieces should be known as originals by people who bought them. If somebody sells once a fake piece and it comes out, it is very easy for the reputation of that seller to be tarnished forever.