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My dad is a major  crystal decanter collector, so naturally I've been surrounded all my life with decanters of various styles and ages. However eventually I learned that I was in minority: I realized that not not everybody has heard of a decanter before, and let alone of a crystal decanter, to my big surprise. 

So here is an explanation in a nutshell. A decanter serves as purpose pouring a liquid such as wine or whiskey in glasses as well as storing these drinks with sediments until use.

A crystal decanter, oftentimes also called a crystal carafe, is quite an elegant way to serve red wine or other alcoholc drinks to the guests. You can find decanters in many shapes, sizes and designs and they also come in various materials, the most common of which is glass. Typically the crystal decanter can store at least one size of a regular bottle (0.75l). Do not mistake the decanter with a carafe. Although their purpose is similar, a carafe has no stopper, so it's only an impromptu drink server.

During history whiskey and fortified wine were stored and served in lead crystal decanters, which basically were a sure way of getting lead poisoning. Also the upper 'posh' social class was said to get gout due to too much use of their beverage of choice in this material. Ever since the British brought the stopper on the decanter in fashion, not much has changed in the basic design of the typical decanter.

red wine decanterOne of the reasons why a crystal decanter is used to store the wine and other sedimentary drinks is because it can easily split the sediments from the drinks. This is why it is called a separator. This process is done through what is called wine decanting. The liquid from bottle is poured into the crystal carafe. This allows the sediment to retreat to the bottom of the original bottle, while the decanter gets the wine that is sediment free, or clear. Decanting is a process that has been done for many years now, and the basics have not changed since.

There are various reasons for a wine having sediments. The wine could be quite old, or the initial filtering process was not done correctly. Either way it is not accepted to offer a drink with sediments at the bottom to guests. Hence the wine decanter coming into action.

Nowadays though decanters have more of an artistic and aesthetic reason for being, and less for their original purpose. This is why particularly the crystal decanter is a very nice and posh way of serving the wine to guests. This is a sure way to impress first timer guests particularly if you use  valuable antique decanters or collectible decanters (also called collectable decanters).

Also a crystal carafe such as the Peugeot Prestige Duck Decanter can be a great gift to give along with a nice set of matching glasses or other matching accessories such as the Riedel bottle cleaner beads that are so popular nowadays. Particularly knowing the price at such a set comes at, the receiver will be beyond thrilled with gifts such as these.

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